Welcome to James Katzaman Assoc. Inc., founded in 1999. We are dedicated to helping you deliver your message to both external and internal audiences. This includes using print and visual media, from newspapers to web sites, to bring you the greatest return on your public affairs investment.

Besides our public affairs component, we also have a business association with C.O.B. Administrative Services, which is an employee benefit brokerage. This enhances our company's role in public affairs and well-being by helping to market traditional comprehensive major medical plans, along with mini-medical plans that offer a lower-cost alternative to traditional comprehensive major medical insurance. With 45 million Americans now without any healthcare, this is the time to contact James Katzaman Assoc. Inc. to see how mini-meds or discount health cards can benefit you or your company.

Our company also has a marketing agreement with Harley A. Oakes Fine Art, through which original paintings are available by many artists who have worked on Monhegan Island and the Coast of Maine. This is a great opportunity for fine art investment. Contemporary works by Maine artists are available in these styles: impressionism, realism, expressionism and folk art. In your initial contact with Harley Oakes, please let them know that you discovered his site by visiting us first. We are an integral part of getting this information to you, the collector.

We also have a marketing arrangement with Midcoast Yacht Service & Brokerage through which yacht owners and enthusiasts can view, select and purchace vessels all along the East Coast, possibly beyond. Visit this site to see how Midcoast Yacht Service & Brokerage can help you in your search for the right boat.

We also have an association with Largo Financial Services for life insurance services.

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