Samples of Published Stories
News Feature: Medical planners take Comfort in combat support

The seventh largest hospital in the nation rarely sees a patient in the United States.

News Feature: DLA reaches out to Service-Disabled Veterans

Conference tackles congressionally mandate to help service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses gain contracts in the federal government.

DLA, NIB Sign Agreement to Provide Employment for Agency

Officials believe this is first attempt by any federal agency to use NIB as a recruiter to tap the brainpower of a group of people previously relied upon to supply office products for the federal government.

Team Effort Results in Quick Delivery of Seder Meals

Defense Logistics Agency Contingency Support Team stepped in to save the day.

July 4 feast skyrockets morale

First Marine Division in far-off Iraq dug into a steak-and-lobster meal that was "mind-blowingly good."

Former 2 star, senator, dies

Goldwater "was truly an American original."

Counselor strives for stress-free workplace

He himself feels the pressure of an uncertain future, yet does not -- would not -- show it.

Computer specialist receives disability award

Since he was 2 years old, Robert W. Bush has fought against spastic cerebral palsy.

BSM redefines DLA finance for the 21st century

Comptrollers await the new dawn that, in their view, can't come too soon.

Stars shine on troops in tribute to freedom

Operation Tribute to Freedom and the National Football League joined forces Sept. 4 to salute the military and kick off the gridiron schedule.

News Feature: AF honors aircrew shot down in 1952

Four decades of anguish and uncertainty came to closure when family members  honored their fathers' and brothers' ultimate sacrifice.

News Feature: Lightning Bolts strike over Yugoslav skies

Few people can toil all day, go home, turn on the television and watch on the evening news the result of their hard work half a world away.

Corporate News: Commercial software to replace DLA legacy systems

Within four years, Defense Logistics Agency will have said goodbye to venerated, yet antiquated, materiel management systems.